WHY Are We Writers? Understanding the Why Behind the Buy

Here is the latest from Kristen Lamb. I am stealing….I mean…reblogging in the hopes I will garner fame by association! Bring on the slavishly devout fans…of someone else’s writing. I’m not proud.

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Now that NaNoWrMo is finished, congratulations to those who WON. I only made it to a little over 34,000 words *sad face*, but I did it with Shingles so I am grading myself on a curve 😛 . As a writer, being delusional is totally acceptable. I’m actually not too far from finishing the novel, so I’m happy I tried.


For those who might be tempted to go back and edit? I recommend stepping AWAY. Work on something different or the odds of you seeing the problems aren’t too great.

Which is why we are shifting gears here on the blog and we’re going to talk about branding and social media. Oh, the cries of despair! Hey, I am here. No worries *hands paper bag*.

Here’s the thing. Nobody has to do social media. I won’t force you. The only writers who need to create a brand and do…

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2 thoughts on “WHY Are We Writers? Understanding the Why Behind the Buy

  1. I loved your comment “I write to avoid housework” That made me giggle. I write because I love creating stories that make people smile, laugh, giggle, or snort coffee through their nose.

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    1. I suppose you must have a scale for that last measure of success. “The work was a three-nose-snorter.” (Somehow, that implies three noses. Must work on that.)


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