The Green Study “What’s on the B Side of that 45?” Contest: 2nd Place

I’m a big fat winner! Check out my award-winning (2nd place finish) which can be found on The Green Study or here. Re-blogging my own work feels very meta!

The Green Study

2nd place goes to Kiri at The Dust Season for “Personals vs. Real Estate, Financing Available”. This essay made me laugh, while thinking that I might need a contractor or ten as well.

She was sent one Green Study Coffee Mug, a postcard from Minneapolis and $75 donation was made to the American Red Cross on her behalf to her local Red Cross Chapter.

“Personals vs. Real Estate, Financing Available”

By Kiri at The Dust Season

canstockphoto22518543I have come to the conclusion that, in terms of real estate, I am what’s known as a fixer-upper. Or, rather, a handy-man’s special. Now, before you interrupt, saying, “No, no. You are what’s known as a woman who’s been ‘well-loved’ and ‘priced to sell’.” Let me just stop you there. This isn’t that kind of post.

House hunting has brought me to a new appreciation of the dating site I am on…which shall…

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4 thoughts on “The Green Study “What’s on the B Side of that 45?” Contest: 2nd Place

  1. Congratulations! Its always good to get recognition and the extra promo on someone else’s site will bring you new readers too. And it was a terrific piece of writing too. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I’ve left it up for so long because I like it so much too. That, and it is daunting to come up with something to top it. I must immediately go out and do something equally hilarious and report back.


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