Just a Thought Before I go

A picture...just because.
A picture…just because.

I am writing extemporaneously tonight. I could say I am being introspective, but what I really am is overly tired and desirous of sleep.

I have often mistyped something and decided whatever I wrote must be the title of a book the universe wants written.  So, I give you tonight’s installment:

Seven Deadly Since…

I was typing a search for an article someone referenced and typed ‘SINS’ as ‘SINCE’. So, my question is…what is the universe telling me? What do you think a book with the title Seven Deadly Since would be about?*

Share your thoughts as you may.

Asterisk Bedazzled Footnote:

*For some reason, my brain is churning out a weird hybrid of Disney’s 7 Dwarves and a Law & Order episode. There would be two police officers hunched over the corpse of a call girl under glass and one of them would say, “I guess we’re looking for a line up of short, pick axe-wielding diamond merchants.”  His partner would crouch and look at the apple left in the victim’s mouth, and say “Hi Ho indeed!”

5 thoughts on “Just a Thought Before I go

  1. “Seven Deadly” is something… a drug, a dance move, a Vulcan assassin… what? “Vulcan assassin” is what pops out of my fingers at trying to come up with a third option? Really? Me think Kiri isn’t the only one in need of sleep… anyhow…

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