Best Laid Plans…

A short note as I am still stuck in the land of Nanowrimo this month.

Fear & Terror
This image courtesy of miles

I tried a new method of approaching sleep last night: falling asleep while listening to a book on tape. Typically, I can trick myself to bed early, but it’s getting me to shut off my electronic toys that is the problem. So why not try a book on tape? You listen with your eyes closed! What could be better?
I probably shouldn’t have chosen a short fiction work that turned out to be a horror story about a woman haunted by demons in her sleep. I don’t know if listening to a reader hiss the ghostly words “Leave…leave…leaveleaveleaveleave LEAVE!” in your ear is meant to be restful. But I can assure you, it wasn’t a good night’s sleep for me.


8 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…

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        Oh: And you can TRY to use your smartphone’s emojis. WP claims it supports these, but many are not supported, and appear as blank little boxes to readers not on phones.

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