Unless the Febreze* wins the battle soon, this will be my next Craig’s list ad:

“Car for Sale.  Barely used. Only vomited in once.”

Recommendations (besides demolition) highly appreciated.

Midnight Storm.jpg
You’ll note the telling absence of any vomit icons.

And for those of you caring folks out there who wonder how this kind of thing happens, when your child turns down ice cream, recognize it as the sign from the universe it is and get him home tout suite.**

Asterisk Bedazzled Footnote*

*So far, the only thing the Febreze products have managed to do is stun me for a short period of time. Whenever I turn up the A/C, my nose feels like it has been punched by a Midnight Storm.

**Or should I say ‘toot not-so-sweet?’


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