“Borrowed” from digidickinson.net – It suited the sentiment too well not to appropriate the image.

Rarely am I inspired by a one-word prompt. Then again, rarely does one word so aptly describe how life feels lately.


What I have to say matters.


Politicians feign concern during election years and then they strip health care exposing the bones of their conscience.

Diseased carcasses wearing red, white, and blue lies.

If I could, I would curse them:

May syphilitic crabs feast on your crotch rot!

May you feel karma’s sweet kiss leaving you unprotected from your policies.

May you be forced to live the life of your poorest constituent.

May the bullet of public opinion find its target and kill your self-serving aspirations.

May curses come true.


Asterisk Bedazzled Footnote:

*Handy-dandy link to New York Times article which includes a list of the congressmen and women who voted for the recent ‘health care act’ to repeal and roll-back Medicaid expansion.




via Daily Prompt: Farce

20 thoughts on “Farce

    1. It’s probably a good thing they don’t, otherwise, I’d be causing cars to burst into flames on the highway, I hate driving behind people who obey the speed limits.

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      1. Ha! Yeah, I no longer drive (by choice — hoo-RAH for public transit!) so I for one would be fine with it, you wanna try out your cursing skills on the interstate…

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  1. I have not “heard” syphilitic used that way since my dad died. It was one of his favorite adjectives for embellishing curses, though I think it was ill-advised of him to call my brother the “son of a syphilitic camel” as that could reflect badly on my dad. Poor planning… Great curses.

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    1. I am in immediate sympathy with your father and his curses that just might rebound badly on their sender. I am fairly sure I have managed to insult my own intelligence at times when my tongue tripped trying to spit invectives. I am not my most fluent when at my angriest.

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      1. Not grammar — he also called my brother the BASTARD son of a syphilitic camel thereby calling my mom a whore as well and calling himself a cuckold. But maybe father knew best… :p

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    1. I’m tempted to shout the blind and unspecific phrase “Merica!” But there should be an intellectual equivalent to the catchphrase of blind patriotism of bigoted, racist, Neolithic reactionaries who use that phrase without irony.

      Shouting ‘Reason’ or ‘Logic’ in response doesn’t seem to have the same gravitas. Perhaps it because reason and logic do not rely on out-shouting one’s opponent?

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      1. Good observation. I’m not opposed to a lil “Merica” now and again… but you’re so right, “Common Decency!” isn’t exactly an inspiring call. I love shouting, do it all the time, but it’s more effective with fewer words.

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