50 Shades of Earl Grey Crème…

Wanted: A naughty cup of tea with a bergamot bite.

I’m on my knees.

I’m begging for relief.

Aching for that particular and distinct pleasure that only a true acolyte of the libatious arts can attain. But alas…

My cup is empty.

I am truly lost without my Earl Grey Crème.



The week I learned that Teavana was going to close its doors, I went straight to the mall, plunked down a piece of plastic and ordered an obscene amount of tea–something near 7 pounds–because that was the minimum I could order to get 30% off the total price. I did not even look at the receipt when I signed it. No price was too high a cost to pay.*

You think 7 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot?  Imagine the backpack sized tea parcels they gave me–I’m sure I looked like a tea mule smuggling fine grade, uncut pure leaf addiction–I’d show you…but I drank it all.

In less than a year, my precious was gone.

My Precious
Thanks to: http://www.vitamin-ha.com/gollum-memes-14-pics/ for coming up with a Gollum/Tea meme.


I swore I wouldn’t buy any more tea until I have drunk some of the thousands of other teas in the many, many containers I already possess.

You think I’m kidding?

I’m not.

Tea Time 2
I have issues. Crazy, manic, matcha-based issues.


I’ve stuck by my resolution not to succumb to temptation. Not to bend. Not to splay myself prostrate crying

Why have the tea gods abandoned me? WHY?”

I’ve been sucking down Twinnings Chai to sublimate my desires. I sugar it. I even use the latte foamer that makes me feel like a pampered princess…until I have to clean it.




I am now hunting for a replacement.

How hard can it be to find a fragrant facsimile?

A delicious doppleganger?

A tantalizing taste bud teaser to pleasure the palate? A tea that will make me whimper when it’s gone bottom’s up!**

I’m putting out an ad to the area tea purveyors:

“I’m a sweet young thing looking for the bad boy I’ve been missing…oh where, oh where is my Earl Grey Crème?

Fortunately, the internet is ready to cater to most discerning clientele.

Clickety, click, ka-ching!

So, bring on the Adagio Moonlight loose leaf and the Earl Grey Crème wares of Art of Tea–I can’t wait to sample your charms!***

Hurry to me, my darling. I’m waiting for you!

Asterisk Bedazzled Footnote:

*I lied. I did look at the receipt. The total was shocking, and this was after the discount. And, though I did not faint, it was only because I was afraid I would drop my complimentary cup of tea in the process.

**I want a tea that will own me, make me say “Thank you! May I have another!”

***This post may be a sign that I need an intervention…or a really dominant cup of tea.


18 thoughts on “50 Shades of Earl Grey Crème…

  1. I am very fond of tea. Fortunately, my favorite is also the best-selling of its brand. Phew!
    My son recently experienced a similar heartbreak over the Teavana issue. His fave was blueberry acai. You both have my sympathies.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh dear, the horror! (No sarcasm intended, I assure you.) When Celestial Seasonings stopped selling their holiday tea Nutcracker Sweet in stores, I about fainted. But at least it’s still available online, so for now I’m safe.
    Hope your replacement tea satisfies. ☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No! I have a proper tea kettle. I don’t often use the teapot, but have when company comes or I really want a gallon of tea.

      I’ve tried rooibos but it is not my cup of tea…so to speak!


      1. Just checking … Did you try rooibos – just the plain tea? Or did you try one of those disgusting mixtures with vanilla or magnolias or whatever the heck stinky thing they add to it? In any case, be aware that it’s amazing stuff for digestive upsets. Got the Girl Child through many bouts of colic as a baby.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I cannot suffer coffee, unless it is a chocolate-coated espresso bean. Apparently I will give a pass to anything that makes me feel like I’m flying after eating a fistful. Will not be surprised if I overdose one day.

      Liked by 1 person

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