monster rock
Word Monster Says: “FOCUS!”

I’m trying to do a thing.


That thing I swear I want to do.

But words are hard.

And will not come.

Until they do…enjoy this:

In harmony with my mood,
Here’s a song for a writer’s melancholy day:
Asterisk Bedazzled Footnote:
*I’m only posting this so you can stop wondering/worrying that I (or my computer) have died.
P.S. You can stop taking bets now.

13 thoughts on “Work in Progress

      1. I struggle with procrastination and filling my life with unnecessary distractions. But, I also can’t seem to make myself revisit a work. Which is weird for a closer junky to discover about myself I hope I’ll have a breakthrough or insight into my resistance. Soon!

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      2. It helped me to realize that it doesn’t matter at all to anyone whether I write or not. It doesn’t even matter to me. Taking away the sense of obligation and consequence was major. Maybe…

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