18 thoughts on “In the Blink…

      1. I have digital people to call if I need it. Not so much in-your-face relationships. It can be a bit isolating having a special needs child. I rely on the few, brave souls who can reach out, in whatever form of support they can give. Thank you for asking, though. Not everyone does.


    1. Thank you…is it sacrilegious to point out I’m tempted to respond, “And also to you” upon hearing that introductory phrase?! A hold-over from my Lutheran upbringing.

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    1. I think one either has to make peace or make peace with living without it. Some days are harder, but keeping busy helps. Working in the garden and taking my frustrations out on weeds is very cathartic. But I appreciate the thoughts. Sympathy goes a long ways toward soothing the sorrow.

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