6 thoughts on “NaNo Dreaming…

  1. I’m a breath away from setting Henrietta free to face the so-called Real World. Maybe by the end of November? Anyway … not in a NaNo place, although I’ve signed up for Namoblopomo (I think it’s called that -.. Need to check.)

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    1. NaBloPoMo – they put it the same month as Nano? Who does that? As it was, I failed to get my goal. It was a very disappointing NaNo for many reasons. Sigh. Let’s hope for better writing days ahead. Now, I’ve got to run check on the bread machine to see if the gluten-free stuff is done rising. Or, I’m missed my yeasty window.


      1. Sorry you had a disappointing NaNo! I jumped into Nano Poblano intending to write EVERY DAY … and sort of dried up on November 7. Not that I didn’t have things I wanted to say, but I was so busy doing the things I didn’t have time to write them down.

        I think it’s meant to be an alternative to NaNoWriMo. Not everyone wants to write a novel. Anyway, that’s how I approached it … My novel is still hovering on the ragged edge of DONE and I didn’t feel NaNo would be helpful this year, but I wanted to do something. Or, as it turned out, to suck at doing something…

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