….Your package is on the way

Speak to me, Lionel.

I should be finishing the other blog post.

The one I started two weeks ago.

But I ran out of my Moonlight Earl Grey tea.

You would not believe how long this took to create and upload. Nowhere online could I find a picture of a tea trolley in the desert. No where. No when. No how!

And the replacement (read: cheaper tea) hasn’t deigned to show up yet.

I am sad.

….So very sad.

The cheaper tea is not as good as my favorite tea.

It could at least be prompt!

Thank goodness for the thousand and one other teas I have that are keeping me company while I wait for my black beauty to arrive.

10 thoughts on “….Your package is on the way

  1. I’ve been there – the desert, spending unbelievable hours searching for exactly the right image to illustrate my story. I understand.

    If it’s any consolation – and I imagine without your favourite tea, it is not consoling in the least – now, if anyone searches for a tea trolley in the desert, they will find one, thanks to your efforts!

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    1. The word Bergamot doesn’t lend itself to a delicate, hint of citrus. It sounds like what happens when you leave your teenage son’s socks in the bottom of your laundrdy hamper too long.

      Me Sorting Clothes for the wash:

      “Dear god! What is that awful…urk…smell? It’s…it’s…something is going all bergamot here that’s for sure!”

      Or, it could be a substitute villain in a Harry Potter Novel. You can’t tell me that Voldemort and Bergamot have the same number of syllables by coincidence, can you?!!

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      1. Definitely a cousin of Voldemort’s! On the maternal line; through great grandpa Calamagrostis.

        Did you email me about the blobs? I was serious about the jpg


      2. If it had anything to do with WordPress — it’s probably been turned into a short video in Bulgarian, only available to one-armed, hazel-eyed people living in Bhutan.


      3. I hear Bhutan’s the place to be right now.

        And I’ve sent you another ‘Test’ email. See if it got to you…or is there a very puzzled Su Leslie in Bhutan wondering who the hell I am?

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      4. Hah. Apparently DoNotReply@wordpress.com! I thought I was emailing you directly!

        Can you send to mine and then immediately delete this email? I’m giving you an old one, just in case the spammers are watching:


        When I get your reply there, I’ll forward you my new email. AND PLEASE INCLUDE A SENTENCE SAYING ‘FROM WORDPRESS FRIEND ZIMMERBITCH’ so I can search for it in the massive amounts of stuff in my junk folder! Sound good?


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