Dental Damns…

We are past the first hurtle. My son has survived having his wisdom teeth extracted and now has to just get through the next five days on a restricted diet of soft foods. Currently he is having ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It may have been exhausting, but at least the hardest part is over. Now to survive the days with the benefits of top-notch pain killers. (Norco is the way to go. Sadly, only the kid is receiving them.) But, I am reaping the benefits of a narcotically stunned teenager filled to the gills with bowls of Super Scoop ice cream with a chocolate sauce chaser.

The even better news is that the two family members who have been teetering on the brink of existence in separate hospitals have now recovered enough to be discharged. Huzzah! Let everyone rejoice the homecomings!

And to anyone who was hoping the title of this piece was somehow a salacious intro to a naughty confession, my apologies. I’m sorry to disappoint your prurient desires.

11 thoughts on “Dental Damns…

    1. I feel like I am less than deserving of commendation–I’ve spent most of the weekend just stuffing my child with ice cream. I’m sure there’s probably a reason this is a bad idea…but it is truly a safer option than anything he actually wants to eat right now. I’ll take the compliments anyway I can!

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    1. Her son is probably less likely to shove that spoon right back down her throat for trying to feed a teenager any kind of baby food. I do not feel that is a risk I’m willing to take!


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