Breaking Bed

It’s TACO TUESDAY every day with my son’s foldable, soft mattress from Talsma’s Furniture.

Just over four years ago, Talsma Furniture sold me a Serta RestoKraft mattress with a five-year warranty. Apparently that warranty only holds true if your mattress has no stains. The fact that my son’s mattress can be folded like a soft taco is immaterial.

I’m vexed, miffed, and annoyed. And I have a blog.

If you want to give me an early birthday present–please share this as frequently and violently as most people share their political rants in an election year. Let the stuffing fly!




8 thoughts on “Breaking Bed

    1. While it is a terrible things Sears went bankrupt, I am seeing department stores dropping like flies everywhere. I hate to imagine what life will be like when our only choice is whatever third-rate materials churned out by a desperately poor countries who pay very little to their employees so we can get the lowest price, but not necessarily the best products. A grim future indeed.

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      1. I think most of those department stores sold sweat shop goods as well. I think retail is a never ending loop. Department stores will be popular again once we all get sick of the internet.

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  1. Yikes! When we were purchasing the early Christmas gifts for sons #1 & 2, we looked at all the stuff available. So many of the “bed in a box” mattresses required that you send it back in the original box! There is no way on the planet you can get the mattress back in the box!! Anyway the fact of a stain has no bearing on the issue – so sad that they are treating you like that… Somehow I doubt Serta reads my WP blog otherwise I’d repost.

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    1. Your sympathies are all I really require. (Though, a nice helping of revenge is also appreciated.)

      I did one of those memory foam mattresses once–by mistake. I thought I had bought a bed topper. When it unfurled into a massive 8-10 inches deep beast, I laughed and laughed, and then slept on both mattresses feeling like the princess and the pea–though, I slept soundly for such a soft surface was helpful on my pregnant body, if hard to get into. I may have to go the route of bed-in-a-box if I replace this one. No springs to break has to improve our chances the mattress will survive, right?


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