To Camp or Not To Camp…

In case the deafening sound of crickets on my blog have scared my few, loyal readers away, please be aware that the writer has been neck-deep in a work project and this week prepping for a weekend away at camp.

Hopefully she will return with many tales to tell, but none involving rabid bats or wandering bears.

5 thoughts on “To Camp or Not To Camp…

    1. We generally do our best to avoid anything green while camping, just to be safe. (My kid doesn’t understand the vicious nature of some tenacious weeds–like poison ivy or thistles. I, on the other hand, seem to find these plants wherever I go. Usually by accident, while trying to find my way to the bathroom in the dark.)


    1. Fun was had! And then I just dropped off the internet for a few months. So, my apologies for missing this at the time! Hopefully you were equally busy with fun stuffs!


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