The Beast

I have fed the beast and still he screams

In fevered, agonizing dreams

His cries resound without surcease

You cannot fill this endless beast


He hungers, hungers, hungers still

Though every market basket spills

With trifles, desires, colored bright,

His aching need you cannot fight


No food can fill this gaping maw

A cornucopia is but a stall

A smidge, a nosh, a brief repast

Nothing you bring can ever last.


Before the final course is served

(Regardless of whether it’s deserved.)

You plead, you beg,

“Let this be enough!”

He gestures to refill the trough!


For some a feast would not suffice.

The hunger exceeding fields of rice

You cannot nourish, cannot swallow

That some are born with legs so hollow!


So bear your burden, feed the wish

Engorge the bottomless abyss

Stoke the fire, prime the steam

So someday you may once more dream,


There will be a day when no more you’ll run

When every damned last dish is done

When a peace unlike any other descends

And finally! At long last, the hunger expends


And into a coma the beast will crawl

Into his bed at the end of the hall

You’ll weep with relief. The day is won!

For now, you won’t have to feed your son!

…until the morrow…


When, zombie-like, once more he’ll rise.

Devouring you with searching eyes.

Drowning you in his beastly cries.

His howling, eternal demands alight

Burning you with his appetites.


Alexei Zombie 2011 - School_0001 (2)
Hard to believe in seven short years, this cute little zombie chow would turn into…




14 thoughts on “The Beast

    1. Hello, A.G. I visited your site to check you out. Could not find any *like* or *comment* options. How very self-possessed of you not to require validation in the form of tiny thumbs up!

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  1. Oh, those teen boys!!! Never had one, but I have three grandsons. Either they don’t eat ANYTHING, or they eat EVERYTHING! I be like: You ate ALL the spaghetti??? AND a pound of ground beef??? AND all the bread but the heels??? AND a cake??? An entire cake???

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Totally normal. I had a girl, but I knew boys who would walk into the kitchen, pick up the fridge, upend it, and engulf whatever fell out. On the other hand, usually boys don’t have eating disorders.
        A friend of mine kept a constant supply of hotdogs, buns and condiments – she had 2 boys so had a second refrigerator in the garage that she refilled every week. Also apples and milk. Would that work for you? Do you think your boy could be trusted to fix himself a couple hotdogs when he needed to?

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      2. It’s more that he would live on chips and cheese and popcorn if he were in charge. He did help make Pizza last night. I supervised while he measured and put ingredients in the bread machine for the dough.

        We live such exciting lives.


      3. Oh, I don’t mean that’s all they ate. They’d get proper food for breakfast and dinner, and I imagine they had lunch at school. But for in between they had an unlimited supply of hotdogs and apples.

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