The Beast

This is a test of the limits of my abilities to get this post to Facebook, come hell or high water.


I have fed the beast and still he screams

In fevered, agonizing dreams

His cries resound without surcease

You cannot fill this endless beast


He hungers, hungers, hungers still

Though every market basket spills

With trifles, desires, colored bright,

His aching need you cannot fight


No food can fill this gaping maw

A cornucopia is but a stall

A smidge, a nosh, a brief repast

Nothing you bring can ever last.


Before the final course is served

(Regardless of whether it’s deserved.)

You plead, you beg,

“Let this be enough!”

He gestures to refill the trough!


For some a feast would not suffice.

The hunger exceeding fields of rice

You cannot nourish, cannot swallow

That some are born with legs so hollow!


So bear your burden, feed the wish

Engorge the bottomless abyss

Stoke the fire, prime the steam

So someday you may once more…

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7 thoughts on “The Beast

      1. I know. It’s probably the lamest act to share your own post, but nobody ever clicks a link when it doesn’t embed with a catch title (hopefully) and instead is a gobbledygook URL to chase down an unknown story. Plus, I really liked the image of the bottomless pit—so to speak. Had to include it.


      2. But that doesn’t make sense to me. When I copy and paste a link into my status on FB, it automatically opens up, or embeds, or whatever you call it. It’s not just a “gobbledygook URL”. So no, I don’t think you’re lame – it’s your blog and you can do what you like on it – and anyway, you’re not lame. I guess I’m trying to be helpful and encouraging. Is it working?

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      3. Hah. Today has been such a lame day, any encouragement is appreciated. (I loath snow days that only a single mom expecting a day off can.)

        And, I thought I could cut-n-paste a URL with the best of them, but no matter what I did, I could not figure out how to get my link to show up in Facebook the right way after it was ‘published.’ I’m just chalking this one up to old age.


      4. That’s bizarre. Thinking of the mistakes I’ve made … Did you click on the header, so that you opened up only that post? That’s the link you have to use. And I assume you just plopped the link into the status box, right on top of “What’s on your mind” – which always has me snarling, “None of your fucking business, Mark!”

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