The Second Banana

It is entirely possible there is such a thing as too much isolation.

It leads one to very odd flights of fancy.

…especially when shopping after hoarders have ransacked the produce aisle.

You end up bringing home a quirky specimen.


I put a lime beside it for comparison, but now it looks like its there to witness the death of its fellow fruit.

I’ll admit, I’ve been curious as to what these things might taste like.

A session of mad shopping–the kind where you duck and cover whenever another shopper comes anywhere near you–results in a new and unusual purchase.

I’ve successfully nabbed some much-needed cleaning supplies when the victory over the nearly-empty shelves turns sour. All it takes is a near-hostile exchange with people unaware that a pandemic is taking place.

I’m stopped by dawdlers at the wall of cheeses. I glare at the young couple with their two kids standing in front of the refrigeration display debating the merits of one plastic wrapped cheddar over another for approximately an hour until I want to scream “IT’S ALL THE SAME DAMNED CHEESE, JUST PICK ONE!” and make their kids cry.

[NOTE: I don’t actually scream. But I do seethe for about five minutes waiting with toe-tapping impatience until I loudly interrupted them, “I would just like to get some cheese, if that’s okay?” in a most passive aggressive appeal.]

It is on my way to check-out that post-anxiety, impulse shopping occurs.

Back home, the dragon fruit sat on the counter, as it aged enough to get the required ‘wilted leaves’ by which point it was a lot less photogenic.

Once cut into, the white interior with its plethora of tiny black seeds is revealed.

It is really attractive, unless you start to think they look like ants all stuck in the act of eating a giant marshmallow. Then it gets a little hard to swallow.

If I had to describe the taste, I would tell you to go buy one yourself. It tastes nothing like I imagined it would. Pear comes close. If you took that pear down a back alley and blasted it full of buckshot until all the flavor and sweetness had been drained like life blood into the garbage strewn darkness.

Or, as a friend said when I asked her whether she’d like to try some.

“No thanks. I’m good. I’ve had it before. Once.” She paused and added, “It’s not bad or anything.

I joked, “Yeah, but it’s not good either.”

She laughed and said, “Yeah.”

At least the seeds aren’t noticeable, unlike kiwi, which are crunchy when you eat them, or as bad as pomegranates!” I spoon up another pallid mouthful.

I chew a few more bites. The tastelessness does not grow on me, despite my desire to like the fruit. The stuff is probably a delicacy in the arid regions where it grows. A king among fruits in a desert. This makes me think of something else.

It’s like an old boyfriend, where you pretend that they aren’t the problem before breaking up with them. Except that in this case, you’d tell the fruit ‘It’s not me, it is totally you!‘”

“Yeah, it’s the fruit no one would pick if they had a choice.” The friend obligingly humors me on my line of thought.

I wrap up the second half of the much despaired cactus flower progeny and toss it back in the fridge. It was at least filling.

So much for the exotic potential.” I say. “Dragon Fruit-the ex-boyfriend of fruits.


Stay Tuned as the mind numbing boredom of the stay-at-home-or-else order continues. I may break down and try that Durian that’s been giving me the stink-eye whenever I see it.

Durian smells bad on a good day. Can you imagine what’s like when it rots? How could you tell?

12 thoughts on “The Second Banana

    1. I’d have to Google it to know. Hang on.

      Dragon Fruit

      Nutrition Facts
      Calories: 60.
      Protein: 1.2 grams.
      Fat: 0 grams.
      Carbs: 13 grams.
      Fiber: 3 grams.
      Vitamin C: 3% of the RDI.
      Iron: 4% of the RDI.
      Magnesium: 10% of the RDI.

      Oh man, was that satisfying! What did we do before Google. What would instant gratification monkeys like me do without it? Shudder!

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    1. I’m impressed someone thought to look inside the horned beast to find out! Apparently it grows with pretty sharp thorns all about it. They are trimmed off before shipping. Otherwise breakfast horseplay might have devastating consequences.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I did finish it off last night. After all, it wasn’t exactly cheap. I’m glad I tried it. Now I’ve got some seeds planted, we’ll see if I’m any good at growing the cactus they come from!

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  1. I thought the same about dragon fruit at first. I wondered how could something with such an exciting name taste so bland? It’s the yellow dragon fruit you have to try. They’re as sweet as syrup.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Duly noted. I will keep an eye out for a yellow one. Or, perhaps, you just have to love the one/fruit you are with. Case in point, I ate a whole box of blackberries today. Delicious, despite the annoying seeds. So on the whole, I choose taste over ease when it comes to seeded fruits.

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  2. I marvel at durian, too. Never tried it, as it’s HUGE and costly, but I’d like to sample it.
    Dragon fruit is exactly like you said, pretty tasteless and closest to pear.

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